Core Values

Core Values

LimmudPhilly is a panoramic, Jewish communal “learningfest” which engages new and seasoned learners in an open environment inspired by wisdom, enthusiasm, and a love of learning.

Diversity: We value the diversity of our Jewish community and are committed to creating cross-communal and cross-generational experiences.

Volunteerism: We foster a strong volunteer corps who, through planning and attending our annual event, experience the power of volunteerism in building their Jewish identity and community.  LimmudPhilly is volunteer driven and volunteer owned.

Community: We can achieve more together than we can individually.  Learning and building together, we gain from and contribute to the Jewish and the wider community.

Learning: We challenge each participant to open themselves to new ideas and new perspectives. We invite everyone to consider him or herself both a learner and a teacher.  By expanding our Jewish horizons, we strengthen and develop Jewish identity.

For additional information on LimmudPhilly’s policies, please contact us at [email protected]