LimmudPhilly first came into being in 2009, due to the extraordinary efforts of a group of dedicated volunteers.  

Through visits to Limmud UK, LimmudDE (Germany) and Limmud NY, LimmudPhilly was able to gather some of the best Limmud ideas and give them a unique Philly twist!  A steering committee was formed, and through trial and error, on a cold day in February 2009, the first Learningfest came into being.  We had 650 attendees at over 90 sessions led by a diverse group of presenters.

We have since continued that success in March 2010 with another group of 650 attendees enjoying a weekend of learning in downtown Philadelphia.

Here is what a few participants had to say! 

“LimmudPhilly was incredibly and wonderfully well organized – your theme could have been abundance – abundance of volunteers, workshops, food and organization!! ” 

“… I loved the spirit of learning with others in my community”

“…can’t think of another event that would draw such a diverse group of people around such a positive endeavor”

“So well run, it seemed effortless, which I know it wasn’t. I loved that I didn’t have to sign up for classes ahead of time. I also liked that no session was closed (because of size.)”

“(LimmudPhilly) drew a very diverse crowd. Excellent variety of sessions. Volunteer participation led to a sense of ownership.”

Volunteers make activities like this possible. 

Be a part of making 2011 happen!